Manchester United’s new transfer policy?

Not content with having had his 15 days of fame (as Manchester United’s primary target for a DM), Senna is now telling the world (or at least NOTW) that the actual reason Manchester United didn’t sign him was because their sponsors, AIG, preferred English players.

Apparently, when Marcos Senna’s agent asked Quieroz why his transfer to Manchester United had stalled, this is what happened:

“It went very quiet, then Mr Ferguson’s assistant Carlos Queiroz told my agent he was sorry but they had orders from above.

Queiroz said the sponsor preferred English players and although they wanted me, they would have to wait.

But they never called me back.”

Objectively, I can’t say much about this because all we’ve got is a report from NOTW about a player who is unhappy with losing out at the chance to play in the Premiership with a big club. Manchester United will deny this, laugh it off even.

On one hand it looks like a complaint from a 30-year old, fading player whose time for glory, fame and recognition was snatched away from him – possibly because Manchester United were more interested in signing Hargreaves. On the other hand, you have to allow for the possibility that this might be true (as unsavoury as the thought might be for Manchester United fans) because really strange things tend to happen when money is involved.

The truth could be, as usual, somewhere in between…

And if Manchester United really have a pro-English transfer policy (courtesy of AIG), why haven’t we bought Kevin Nolan yet?

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