Score a goal, win some camels (or girls)

Update: A pregnant woman refused to be admitted into the hospital because they had no TV and she couldn’t see the UAE vs Oman final. She returned after the final had been played, and named her kid Matar, after Ismael Matar who scored the winning goal (and already has camels from the below story).

From the “this is too weird to not be true” dept:

A patriotic United Arab Emirates fan has presented top player Ismael Matar with two camels after the striker scored the goal against Saudi Arabia that sent his country into the Gulf Cup final. (news link)

Now this would have been a lot more interesting (and would definitely have gotten more news coverage) if the fan had bought female slaves and gifted them to Matar as ‘just’ reward for his goal.

Or maybe he did, and the camels are just a ‘front’ for what really happened.

Whatever the case, this is certainly better than actually watching these guys hoof long balls and misplace passes all day…

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