Saturday News Roundup

It seems that I’m not the only one who thinks that Arsenal are bad losers (almost disgraceful considering Henry’s class) and nor am I the only one who thinks Barca preferred a goal to Lehmann’s red.

In addition, Henry’s contract details are filtering out – amongst the goodies are a 130,000 per week contract (and the rich comment by Henry – “it’s not about the money, honest”) and a two-year contract for Pires. I really, really respect Henry for the later point, if it is true. Good on ya mate.

UnitedRant talks about the player of the season (Rooney), the signing of the season (van der Sar) and the worst player of the season (Silvestre – who else?) – interested read. Not the smartest blog in the world, but fellow Utd fans are always welcome 🙂

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