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Samuel Eto’o’s form leaves Guardiola with some big decisions



Two goals in the last 9 games. That is the total tally for Samuel Eto’o. Here is an overview over the games:

  1. FC Barcelona vs. Recreativo Huelva 2-0 (Eto’o didn’t participate)
  2. Bayern Munich vs. FC Barcelona 1-1
  3. Getafe vs. FC Barcelona 0-1
  4. FC Barcelona vs. Sevilla 4-0 (Eto’o scored a tap-in)
  5. Valencia vs. FC Barcelona 2-2
  6. FC Barcelona vs. Chelsea 0-0
  7. Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona 2-6
  8. Chelsea vs. FC Barcelona 1-1
  9. FC Barcelona vs. Villarreal 3-3 (Eto’o scored another tap-in)
  10. Athletic Bilbao vs. FC Barcelona 1-4

The games tell the very true story that Eto’o simply can’t seem to find the net at the moment. The two goals he has scored in this 10 period games where easy can’t miss chances.

In this period, Guardiola has played Eto’o more on the flanks than previously which carries some of the blame. However, he only chose to do so after he stopped scoring and it intensified after Henry’s injury. Against Madrid he played a right wing for most of the game with Messi in center, and yesterday against Bilbao he was in the left wing spot.

Unfortunately this isn’t the whole story. As the commentators said under the game yesterday, Eto’o should have scored a hattrick. He still gets to the chances but he just can’t seem to convert them anymore.

His drop in form is a big worry for the Blaugrana. In order to beat Manchester United in the Champions League final, every player has to play up to his best. This includes Eto’o.

We can’t afford to seem him miss chances like the ones yesterday. His miss in the first game against Chelsea was also very close to costing the Champions League finals pot. It has to be said that he created the chance by himself. The problem is, that he would have converted it when he was scoring at will in the autumn – he doesn’t do that anymore.

So Guardiola faces a tough decision. Rest Eto’o in the coming matches or play him and hope that he regains his form? The answer to that question is a very hard one and it will be exciting to see what Guardiola chooses to do.

This article was originally published at www.elbarca.net

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I’m a 23 year old Danish FC Barcelona fan who fell in love with the club when Michael Laudrup was orchestrating the Dream Team in the early 90’s. I remember the exact game that made me a Blaugrana. My parents were visiting some of their friends and brought me along as they had some kids I could play with. When dusk turned to dawn we turned on their black and white TV and watched Barca win an epic 5-0 victory against Real Madrid. I remember the atmosphere, I remember the fantastic play and I remember thinking: “This is special – this is epic,” although it took me many years to grasp and fully understand what I had just witnessed – I just knew it was magic.