Saha’s and Heinze’s future at Manchester United

In the last couple of months, there has been a lot of debate about what will happen to Louis Saha and Gabriel Heinze during the transfer season.

In the media at least, Heinze is the popular choice for leaving Manchester United, while Saha’s injury problems have made him unwanted for certain Mancheser United fans.

But is Heinze really leaving? and is Saha really being shown the door?

My gut says no to both questions, but that’s only because I don’t want them to leave. They are good players and in the current squad should be in the Manchester United starting XI.

So let’s look at the evidence.

I’ve written two articles on this over at Red Rants – you can reach them through the links below:

Should Saha leave Manchester United?
Does Heinze want to leave Manchester United?

Read up, and let me know (there preferably) what you guys think.

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