RVN has left the building…

Daniel Taylor from the Guardian reports that:

  • Talks between David Gill and Alex Ferguson confirmed worst fears – Ferguson does not want a player who is at odds with him.
  • Manchester United are reputed to have put a 10 mil pound price tag on RVN.
  • Ruud has been “asked” not to play in Keano’s testimonial today.
  • Ruud has left for Holland to join up with the team for training.

Stam, Becks, Keano, RVN. Is it a surprise that the most famous players of your club end up being thrown out every couple of years? There are more – Ince, Cole, Yorke…I’m all for clearing out the old and weak and bringing in the new, but this is bullshit. First Ferguson sidelines his main striker (a man who could have commanded a 120,000 thou a week at Chelsea if he had decided to just jump ship in the last two years), keeps him on the bench and then blames him for being unhappy.

All the while Ronaldo makes worse mistakes and misses easy chances and gets called the ‘future’?

It’s too late to hope for a return (knowing Ferguson’s propensity for taking on his best players), so the real question now is:

“When will Rooney be thrown out?”


RVN flies home as United attach 10 mil pricetag

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