Ruud Rumors

While Ruud van Nistelrooy trains with the Dutch team and Ferguson and Gill scratch their heads on what to do with him (and about Ferguson’s recent tantrums, if reports are to be believed), all credible rumors point to Inter. On the face of it, the situation is perfect. United could, conceivably, pry off Obefami Martins and Cambiasso and send Nistelrooy plus cash the other way.

The problem is that this is too perfect a situation. Ruud knows about Chelsea’s interest, and to be fair Madrid would be after him as well if they didnt already have Ronaldo, Raul and Robinho in their lineup. The Juve saga apart, any team apart from Juve and Milan would be a step down for him. And considering that the player has a choice when it comes to destinations, if bids come in from more than one foreign club you can be sure that Ruud will be going for the biggest one.

PSV and Inter don’t look that good options then. As for Madrid, maybe if Ronaldo leaves Nistelrooy will be more than happy to link up with Beckham, otherwise I wouldnt bet on it.

Still hoping that Mr. Alex Ferguson regains his senses and patches things up with Ruud – time heals, and you won’t find a 30-goal striker anywhere else in the premiership (with the sole exception of Henry and the incoming Shevchenko).

More on Ferguson and possible Ruud replacements soon.

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