Ruud Report

It’s almost non-news that Ballack has signed for Chelsea – a 3 year, 6 mil pounds a year deal (come to about 120,000 pounds a week, which is f’n good).

However, the media has gone in a frenzy on Monday with reports coming in that Chelsea failed in a 12 mil bid for Ruud van Nistelrooy – Fergie’s not lost all his marbles as he doesnt want Ruud to help Chelsea do even better in the Premiership.

12 mil for Ruud? He’s worth 15 at least. And why cant he stay? That’s too futile a question when it comes to Fergie’s ego…

Milan’s ready to pounce on Ruud as well, if Shevchenko goes to Chelsea. It’s sad seeing Ruud’s name bouncing around in the news before there’s even been a confirmation from Old Trafford on his status – he wants to stay, that’s obvious at least.

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