Rumours Update – Chelsea and Arsenal

Bits and pieces of news here…both Chelsea and Arsenal had their players involved in the World Cup final last night – if you’re interest, you can read about the Zidane-Materrazi incident and the Malouda dive as well.

Chelsea News

Robben‘s father (who also represents him) has said the following:

“There have been no negotiations with Real.”

“If there had been any talks I would have been involved.”

“Arjen is staying at Chelsea and these stories are just not true.”

So either Calderon is lying or Robben’s father is out of the loop, and only ‘informal’ talks have taken place. The thing is, there is little reason for Robben to leave Chelsea unless a) he’s sold by Chelsea in exchange for another player) or b) Real Madrid come in with an offer Robben cannot refuse. It’s not always a money game – like Ronaldo, Robben is a glory-hound and the chance to be a ‘star’ in Madrid (whereas in Chelsea he’s part of a team) might pull him towards the Bernabeu.

It’s totally possible that Calderon will use Capello’s presence to bring new players to Real Madrid and that his ‘contact’ with these players was a ruse. Question is, has there been contact or not? If there hasn’t, then the tapping up claims by Chelsea will be false. But seeing how Calderon is insisting that he has talked to all three players…

You really can’t say.

Rumours abound that Chelsea may finally move and bring Tevez from the Corinthians to Chelsea. Waiting for Crespo to leave, I guess.

Arsenal News

Sol‘s off. No transfer to Portsmouth as mooted – Sol probably wanted better wages, or wanted a change of scenery (something Dixon has said is tough to handle for Sol). Fenerbahce? Why would Sol give up football in England to pick up his stuff and move all the way to the other side of Europe? Doesn’t make sense. I figure he will be signed by either Celtic / Rangers or the Premier League clubs. Still, Wenger is rarely wrong, so we’ll have to see.

Ribery is linked with Arsenal again – this time because Marseille are not wanting Ribery to join Lyon, and that leaves United and Arsenal as the two possible options. The French connection with Arsene and Henry must be very powerful, although after reading Ribery’s latest interview it was obvious that he was being ‘led on’ by those questions.

For the record, Ribery has said that he admired English football and would like to play there for a big club, and that being coached by a French manager would be like a dream. Considering that he’ll get to be coached by French managers in France as well, I wouldn’t read much into that except a lead-on question by the reporter.

Henry said after last night’s final that video evidence should be used for all issues and not just select ones. If that had happened, France would not have a penalty in the 6th minute. But Henry does have a fair point (I know I’ve criticised him, but damn did he play well. Without Cannavaro he could have scored a couple of goals easy).

Yes, I’ve saved the best for last. Cesc Fabregas has said in an interview to El Mundo de Deportivo (incidentally, a Barca daily) that he is happy at Arsenal and as far as he knows, no one from the club has said otherwise and that he expects to return to Arsenal for pre-training. That’s all he’s said though – unlike Robben’s dad who said that there had been no contact with Real, Fabregas has just talked about how he likes London and Arsenal and how he would want to go back and play for Madrid / Barca one day.

Now that the World Cup is over, expect Capello to start working his magic starting today. People are thinking that Madrid are a force in decline but think of this – Capellos is the best thing to happen to Madrid since Vincent Del Bosque, and he doesn’t have to bring in brilliant players; even the merely good may be good enough for him to bring back Real Madrid to the top of La Liga and the Champions League.

Don’t doubt Capello.

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