Rumour: Arsenal legend Henry headed for Real Madrid, not Barcelona

Disclaimer: this is not supported by any shred of evidence, so take it as a flight of fancy and whimsical indulgence rather than anything serious, like…um, football news.

Thierry Henry to leave Arsenal? Say it ain’t so!

Rumour has it that despite Henry realising that he needs to rest and earn a spot in Arsenal’s starting 11 based on form and fitness, he’s still on his way out. He’ll follow in the footsteps of other great Premiership footballers and head to Spain.

Right now The Sun – that paragon of serious journalism – is reporting that Barcelona are preparing another bid to prise Henry away from Arsenal. But apart from the fact that this is just opportunistic bullshit, it’s also a bit inconsistent with Henry saying that he’s Arsenal for life and that he’d never go to Barcelona.

After all, you’ve got to believe a man when he says vehemently that he will never do such a thing (just like he swore he’d never dive…ummm, scratch that).

Not Barcelona then – that leaves us with Real Madrid, home to the Capello revolution but more relevantly for Henry, home to high-maintainence Premiership superstars that are jettisoned by their clubs (David Beckham, Michael Owen, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Woodgate, Thomas Gravesen). I can only imagine how good Henry’s first year at Real Madrid will be – Beckham was unstoppable in 2003, Owen wasn’t started but kept scoring and scoring and now Ruud’s banging them in like he’s there to prove a point (come to think of it…).

Henry to Real Madrid?

Sounds a bit more honest than Henry at Arsenal for life, doesn’t it?

On a serious note, I think Arsenal should have sold Henry to Barcelona for 30 or 35 mil and re-invested that money back into the team and bought in serious reinforcements. Next summer they won’t get more than 20 mil for him, and as assets go, that’s a big hit to take. Not every team is Chelsea – Sheva went for twice the price, Barca or Real won’t play that game. Oh well…hopefully he’ll get back in shape and start playing like we know he can.

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