Rubbish Rumours: Derby to buy Portsmouth’s Nugent

Dumbest rumour of the day:

The Mirror (one of the shitlist’s top members) report that Derby manager Billy Davies is making a bid for Portsmouth’s 6m David Nugent, who just moved to Portsmouth this summer from Preston. The tenuous link? Billy’s spell at Preston as manager (before he moved to Derby). The giveaway? The ‘fact’ that Nugent was axed from Portsmouth’s starting lineup against Bolton (I hardly consider rotation as being axed).

And to top things off, Portsmouth are reportedly also interested in getting rid of Nugent because they want to use the money to finance a bid for Anelka.

The who thing smells of horseshit, so I’ll leave it at that. It’s not happening folks – Portsmouth won’t sell Nugent after going through such pains to buy him, and besides, they have the cash to tempt Anelka anyway (although why Anelka, with his Champions League aspirations, would jump to a rival club that’s not in Europe this season is beyond me).

And Derby? They can probably afford Nugent but with the club favourites for relegation this season, why would Nugent leave, and that too to Derby?

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