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Roy Keane: I don’t want hot WAGS at Sunderland. Bastard!



Sunderland manager Keano’s latest tirade is priceless:

“We have had one or two players this year and their wives are clearly part of the package.

“We had one player this summer who didn’t even have the courtesy to call us back because his wife wanted to move to London – and shopping was mentioned.”

Keano, I hope that you told his destination club this tidbit.

Could it be David Healy Roy Keane’s talking about? He’s moved to London, and there’s also the Manchester United connection (Healy was with us in the late 90’s). Since Keano’s looking for a striker to move to Sunderland, Healy is a good bet for this.

Mind you, Healy is a good player and I’ve rarely heard his character being called to question, so it could be that Healy just picked Sanchez over Keano, didn’t have the heart to tell Keano and most of all, didn’t want to go to a club with the 15-points record (Sunderland do have a bad rep in the Premier League).

“That happens at the big clubs as well. I could name four big players and clearly their wives and girlfriends are running their lives because they are doing these photoshoots and that kind of stuff.

“They say they are not comfortable doing it and are being dragged along. Well don’t do it.”

Bastard doesn’t name them though. So let’s speculate – your guess is as good as mine.

Far more interesting was this bit about the Sunderland manager possibly moving to Juventus when he was with United:

“A couple of years ago I nearly went to Juventus. People spoke to me about Turin and told me Milan would be a nicer place to go.

“I told them I wasn’t going for the shops, I am going because it is Juventus.

“If there is nothing to do then find something to do. Someone once told me that people who are bored are boring.”

Oh well, the Premiership will be very interesting this year, if only for Keano’s rants.

I’d like to see one of those pitch-side manager scuffles this season – I shudder to think of what would happen to Mourinho or Wenger if they took on Keano. In fact, I somehow want Mourinho and Keano to take each other on – and I suspect Mourinho will be smart enough to avoid anything like that 🙂

Sunderland vs Chelsea – can’t wait for it…