Rooney is going to the World Cup

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Yes, it’s true: boy wonder is going to the World Cup.

Suddenly these World Cup predictions are starting to look very, very realistic right now.

Well, what can I say? After seeing this:

Wayne Rooney Scissor Kick

You had to believe that he was fit for the World Cup. Now all we need to know are two things:

One, when is he going to get hit by his first tackle (in training), and what’s the result going to be?

Two, How fit is he, really? I don’t see him playing against Paraguay…perhaps against Sweden, with a sub against T & T (or maybe only a sub against Sweden on the 20th if England win the first two matches).

Manchester United Statement

‘Manchester United can confirm that Wayne Rooney has rejoined the England squad in Germany following his scan in Manchester. He is now in the care of the England medical team. The expert independent medical view is that Wayne has a good chance of being fit after the group stage. At that point, the expert independent medical view is that his participation in the tournament will require very careful assessment in order to address his suitability, as he will not have had the opportunity to play in less demanding games.’


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