Rooney can be better than Cantona for Manchester United

Yes, he can. He’s got the anger, he’s got the swagger, and he’s got the talent. The thing he has over Cantona is time, and while he might not have the wisdom, he will gain it in that time.

But enough about Rooney – on to Manchester United.

There is so much football going on that you have little time left to appreciate moments of sheer genius.

Class, it seems, is losing its shine, especially when the sheer amount of football makes quality not only possible, but also commonplace.

So for some people, Rooney’s goal today (and Larsson’s ‘goal’ that wasn’t given) will seem simple – commonplace even.

But watch it on replay, again and again, and you realise that no matter how many ‘perfect’ goals you get, you cannot afford to trivialise them.

Rooney’s second goal was special, made to look simple by it’s perfect execution, and the countless slow-mos. Actually, in hindsight, don’t watch the slow-mo – its better enjoyed in realtime, again and again.

So was Larsson’s goal that wasn’t given, when he was onside (the second one – yes, he was still in line with the last defender when the ball was played). So was United’s first goal – from Carrick to Larsson to Giggs to Rooney (was really Larsson’s goal, motivated by Carrick’s vision).

Portsmouth got a goal back thanks to Mendez, but really, the game should have been over a long time ago (two goals not given, the second one being Vidic’s header that crossed the line in the first half).

United won 2-1, and scored their first goal late, but the quality was there for everyone to see – from Carrick, from Larsson, and of course, from Rooney. Players whose quality has been questioned one time or the other this season – but players who have Manchester United written all over them (even Larsson, even if he’s here for 10-12 weeks).

Watford will be easier (Wednesday, 31st, 8pm GMT), and another 3 points will leave 13 games to go with Manchester United at least 6 points clear. 5th round of the FA Cup, Lille in the 2nd round of the CL…

For god’s sake, if a team that get’s tired in the 70th minute can do this, you have to wonder what problems do teams 12 points behind United have.

Not stamina issues, I’m sure 🙂

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