Ronaldo takes his training very seriously…

Remember, back in February, the Sun published a story about how Cristiano Ronaldo was using his phone on the training pitch to send SMSs and he had been fined by Ferguson because of that? It seemed fishy at the time but was sold as gold dust against the ‘arrogant Portuguese’ and everyone lapped it up.

Today, thanks to the diligence of his solicitor (and the fact that when push comes to shove, tabloids are found wanting in the departments of truth and ‘reliable sources’) Cristiano Ronaldo has accepted a settlement from The Sun which includes an apology, payment of trial costs and undisclosed damages (which Ronny is giving away to a charity in Portugal).

To quote his lawyer:

“The allegation was widely republished throughout the world. Both the claimant (Ronaldo) and Sir Alex Ferguson have confirmed that the alleged incident never happened.”


“Contrary to the impression the article gave, I take training very seriously and do not want people to think I do not try my best in training.”

Going or staying, props to Ronaldo for standing up to the tabloids.

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