Home News 49% of fans blame Ronaldo, 28% blame the Press

49% of fans blame Ronaldo, 28% blame the Press



Last week Soccerlens asked readers who they blamed for the torturous summer-long United-Ronaldo-Madrid saga. The results are detailed below:

Out of a poll of 636 readers, 49% (309 readers) laid the responsibility at Cristiano Ronaldo’s feet, with his refusal to ‘clarify his position’ (or rather, his desire to move and initial refusal to accept United’s position) highlighted as the primary cause for making the whole thing last 2 months.

28% (176 readers) said that the incessant media speculation was the reason for the distress (Ronaldo spoke twice in 2 months before last week’s announcement, yet the saga was front page news almost every single day).

Only 11% (73 readers) said that fans had unrealistic expectations and were easily manipulated by the press.

And the remaining 12% (78 readers)? More interested in Gemma Atkinson.

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