Ronaldo interview after Manchester United – Middlesbrough game

Let’s clear one thing out – Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo is a very talented footballer who is sometimes guilty of diving and other times guilty of looking for fouls and going down too easily.

He rides challenges as well – those are the times when you can really appreciate his talents – but he is more prone to using the ‘rules’ to his advantage by winning fouls in advantageous positions.

However, when situations like the Man Utd v Boro game come along sou have to hold your hand up and say – listen, I think he’s playing the rules and that he knows he’s drawing Woodgate into a foul.

What should Manchester United do about it? Nothing – they should try to stop Ronaldo from cheating, but when it comes to playing the rules its a different ball game, it’s tactical and while it may be unfair it is still within the rules. The FA should look at themselves, the media and the fans and opposing managers should look at the rules and not the players.

See Ronaldo’s interview – right after the Manchester United v Middlesbrough game. It’s an interesting insight into Ronaldo’s mind, and the smirk that he’s holding back through the whole interview is impossible to miss.

Ronaldo interview (Manchester United vs Middlesbrough)

If you’re still interested, here’s another Ronaldo interview, this time after the Manchester United v Bolton game on Saturday.

Ronaldo interview (Manchester United vs Bolton)

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