Romario deserves recognition for his 1,000 (or so) goals

Today, Romario’s club Vasco play a Copa Brasil tie and the 41-year old Brazilian forward will be hoping to score his 1,000th “official goal”.

Statisticians, armchair pundits and professional idiots have rounded up on the striker, blasting him for using non-competitive goals to boost his tally.

But how is that a problem? Romario’s longevity deserves some reward, his talents have gone relatively unheralded since his departure from the Brazil squad and if the man has scored a 1,000 ‘professional’ goals in his career, then why is anyone bothered?

An occasion to celebrate an extremely talented footballer is turned into a witchhunt. Is it because he is matching Pele’s record, and football’s self-proclaimed purists would not like to see Pele’s holier-than-thou image to be related with Romario’s negative image?

How petty are we?

Congratulations to Romario (in advance) for his 1,000 goals. I applaud the man for his football and his achievements, no more, no less.

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