Rihanna Super Bowl Halftime Show Special Bets You Won’t Want to Miss


With Super Bowl LVII just hours away, the excitement is palpable. The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Philadelphia Eagles in a highly anticipated showdown. But before the game starts, fans are gearing up for the half-time show featuring the one and only Rihanna.

With Rihanna set to take center stage, the question on everyone’s mind is what can we expect? BetOnline and Bovada have a variety of halftime show specials available, offering fans the chance to place prop bets on different aspects of the performance.

Opinions Differ On How Many Songs RiRi Will Perform

Let us begin with the total number of songs performed. BetOnline offers over 8.5 songs at -110 and under 8.5 songs at -130. However, Bovada offers a different perspective with over 9.5 songs at -105 and under 9.5 songs at -130.

In this scenario, if you think Rihanna will only sing seven or eight songs, you should back the under with Bovada, as you get the insurance of nine. However, if you think Rihanna will sing ten or more songs, you should back over with BetOnline as again you get the insurance of nine songs. Bet on the side of caution and play the percentages with your wagers!

How Many Songs Will Rhianna Sing?

  • Over 8.5 @ -110 with BetOnline
  • Under 9.5 @ -130 with Bovada

Which Song Will Rihanna Perform First?

Another potential betting market you could avail of ahead of Super Bowl LVII is which song Rihanna will sing first during her Super Bowl Half-Time Show.

‘Don’t Stop The Music’ is the favorite with both BetOnline and Bovada, but priced better with the latter at +225. However, if you think RiRi will open up with ‘Stay’, just like she did in virtually ever one of her Anti World Tour shows in 2016, that can be backed at +1100 with BetOnline.

Here are a few standout songs that Rihanna could perform first during her Super Bowl Half-Time Show:

  • Don’t Stop The Music @ +225 with Bovada
  • This Is What You Came For @ +450 with Bovada
  • Lift Me Up @ +475 with Bovada
  • Diamonds @ +550 with BetOnline
  • Stay @ +1100 with BetOnline
  • Umbrella @ +1400 with BetOnline

*Other songs available at Bovada and BetOnline

Various Other Rihanna Half-Time Betting Show Options

BetOnline are offering several other specials on what Rihanna will do or be wearing in the highly anticipated halftime show. Red blooded males will be hoping that the -160 on offer for Rihanna to show a butt cheek during the performance comes to fruition.

If you think Rihanna might emulate Janet Jackson, a nip slip or the more classily named ‘wardrobe malfunction’ can also be bet with BetOnline at odds of +800. If you think Rihanna will show up wearing a necklace, that can be backed at +120 and if you fancy she will be showing some cleavage then you can also back that at -350.

You can also bet on what color hair she will show up with or even what color eye shadow she will be wearing. So many options!

Who Will Appear On Stage With Rihanna?

Both Bovada and BetOnline are offering markets on who will appear on stage with RiRi at the Super Bowl. If you think Canadian rapper Drake will make an appearance, take the EVENS with Bovada. If you believe A$AP Rocky will turn up on stage, you can bet him at +200 with BetOnline. Meanwhile, Jay Z to make an appearance on stage is +125 with Bovada.

Eminem and Kanye West can also be backed to make an appearance at +300 and +800 respectively with BetOnline.

If you think Rihanna will announce she is pregnant during the Super Bowl halftime show then you can back that at +1000 with Bovada. More likely than that is Rihanna to open an umbrella during the show, and that can be backed at +150 with Bovada.

It is worth perusing both websites to see what other specials are on offer as they are constantly updating and changing.

The halftime show at Super Bowl LVII promises to be a high-energy performance from Rihanna. With a variety of specials available from both BetOnline and Bovada, fans have the chance to add an extra layer of excitement to the already thrilling event. Whether you’re a fan of Rihanna, the Chiefs, or the Eagles, the Super Bowl is sure to be a memorable event.

How To Bet On Super Bowl LVII

  1. Create a BetOnline account
  2. Deposit up to $2000
  3. Receive your free bet of up to $1000

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