Reyes can still be great for Arsenal

A spell at Arsenal without Henry at the club could very well convince Reyes to give it another go. Now before everybody starts bleating I think its good to understand a few things first.

The weather was not the main cause of Reyes becoming unsettled and unhappy at Arsenal. I am sure everyone remembers those first three months of his first full season in the red and white. We witnessed a player with tremendous skill and boy were we excited. 5 goals in 6 games had everybody sitting up and taking notice. Not only was this kid fast and deadly but he was a fighter. No matter how hard he was kicked he never stopped running.

Now the next part is a personal feeling of mine so I will take no offence to criticism on this. Henry did not like Reyes! He showed it on the pitch and slowly but surely the performances of Reyes dropped and he struggled for form. I remember the incident on the radio interview when his mother referred to “Very bad people in the dressing room”. Could she have been talking about Henry?

Reyes would fit into the new look Arsenal very well and be in a position to rebuild his career and his reputation. Right now he wants to go, for sure but it is becoming more and more obvious that no club is going to meet Arsenals evaluation of the player. We have already said no to 2 offers from Madrid and their hasn’t been a third. Lyon say they want him but they too seem unwilling to meet our demands. Wenger will not sell simply because he has to get rid of the player. Gallas is pure evidence of that. Chelsea thought they held all the cards with Cole and tried to leave it till the last minute. It cost them their title, I firmly believe that! And I don’t think he will be allowed to go out on loan for a second year.

What I also believe is that if Reyes is forced to return to Arsenal, perhaps come January he might enjoy playing in an Arsenal side without Henry in it. Maybe we could see the Reyes every Arsenal fan got so excited about just 2 and half years ago.

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