Revisiting the Zidane-Materazzi headbutt

If you didn’t spent a part of your life jacking off to Zidane’s ball-skills, this article may confirm what you suspected last summer – that Zidane was an idiot for reacting to Materazzi’s jibes.

Materazzi called Zizou’s sister a whore, and considering that she was seriously unwell at the time (I think), Zidane took particular exception to that insult. It’s a bit similar to how McGrath reacted when Sarwan insulted his wife when she was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour – over the top and definitely not acceptable.

Regardless of whether you think that such insults are acceptable or not in the banter that accompanies our sport(s), the reality is that they ARE a part of the game and you have a lot of players using verbal jousting as a means to psyche themselves up as well as conduct psychological warfare on their opponents.

Given the situation, the stage, and the timing – Zidane’s reaction was unfortunate at best and downright stupid if you want to be honest about it.

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