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Redknapp: Portsmouth’s bad players won’t leave!



Peter Storrie told us earlier this month that money’s tight at Pompey – Harry’s now revealed the real reason behind it – Portsmouth’s inability to kick out the deadwood from the squad.

Not sure if he’s pointing a finger at a particular player (David Nugent, anyone?) or not, but it’s possible that Portsmouth would have fought to keep Mendes if they didn’t ‘need to sell’, as Harry says they did.


“I had some opportunities to sell players but they wouldn’t go!

Pedro was way up my list of players I wanted to sell. The ones who could’ve been sold suddenly had good opportunities to move to good clubs but didn’t want to move.

They’re probably in the comfort zone here and are quite happy not to be in the team but to do their little bit and plod along really.

For Pedro, it is a move he fancied when it was put to him, Glasgow Rangers, and we had to do it financially so we move on.”

Of course, if you’re the manager who’s signed those ‘fringe players’ then there’s little sympathy there, but a few other ‘new’ managers in the league who are having to deal with deadwood will certainly sympathise with Harry.