Real Madrid Transfer News Update

Plenty of Real Madrid transfer news to go around today featuring Drenthe, Robben, Cicinho, Cassano, Quaresma, Emerson, Sneijder and serial-whore van der Vaart.

Real Madrid have picked up Royston Drenthe from Feyenoord for a reported fee of £8.5m – Drenthe will play at left-back and while I’m not too convinced that Schuster can survive more than a season at Real Madrid but Drenthe is a good buy, even if he comes with a high price-tag. Apparently no contract has been signed yet but a medical tomorrow should seal the deal and Drenthe is expected to be presented on Monday.

Madrid are also looking to finalise a deal for Arjen Robben with Chelsea next week – he’ll reportedly cost them £20m but if he can stay fit and his heart is in the game he’s still worth that much, and will be another good signing for Madrid.

There are reports that Roma are after Cicinho and that they want him on loan – reportedly Schuster is favouring Salgado over Cicinho but for the life of me I don’t get why a talented player like Cicinho wouldn’t be kept around, considering the demands placed on Real Madrid to win all competitions. There’s news that Liverpool are after Cicinho as well.

Cassano could return to Italy, possibly to Sampdoria who apparently can’t afford him so might be looking to take him on loan. Cassano could use a second chance, but then that can be said of anyone who flops at Real Madrid.

If you are to believe AS, super-cunt and agent Jorge Mendes has offered Porto’s Ricardo Quaresma to Real Madrid, if the Robben deal were, for some reason, not to go through. It’s not true, surely, but you can’t put anything past agents these days and Jorge Mendes has a rich history of offering his clients to Madrid and Barcelona.

With the 25m price quoted for Quaresma, no wonder that Liverpool have stayed away so far. I doubt Madrid would be distracted either, although next summer could be a different story.

And according to the Italian press Emerson is closer to moving to Milan than he is to Inter – although where he would fit in either squad is beyond me. He’s not half-bad though, but surely not a priority for those two?

We’re not done with Madrid yet – Rafael Van der Vaart has been whoring himself out to any paper willing to listen his cries for a ‘big club’ to come after him, and now he’s ‘positioning’ himself to be picked up by Real Madrid. I don’t see it happening, especially with the news that Real Madrid are after Wesley Sneijder.

Real Madrid have offered 16m for Sneijder, and the player has reportedly said that he wants to leave as well. I’d expect this to be sorted out by the end of next week, and for van der Vaart to keep whoring himself well into next season.

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