Real Madrid need to lose their arrogance

For a club of Real Madrid’s standing, their behavior in the media is shameful.

How does one of the top clubs in the world behave? By berating its fans and players in public? By showing a distinct lack of class when players refuse their terms? By trying to poach players from other clubs by throwing money at their agents and playing the media?

People often say that the players on Real Madrid’s roster need to change their attitude. But they’re wrong, or at the very least, they’re not focusing on the core problem.

It’s not the players, it’s the club management and the people who are behind the scenes pulling strings.

There is a culture of arrogance and high-handedness in Real Madrid. The players are only as good as the club they’re in, so blaming their attitude is an easy way out of a tougher problem.

Thing is, Calderon and Mijatovic aren’t the right people to ‘cure’ Madrid. So expect Madrid to be like this for some time yet.

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