Read the G-Code, be a better footballer

The following is a product endorsement. If you feel like pissing over it because your girlfriend / wife / mother / daughter is whoring out to the local football team (even the kit man), then be afraid of the day when I come and piss all over your grave. After (or maybe during) I get it on with your beloved, of course.

In other words, play nice 🙂

John over at Keeper Skool has now lost his marbles and is providing The G-Code (a detailed fitness resource for goalkeepers and athletes) for free. There’s a catch though (there’s always a catch) – you’ll have to spend a couple of minutes reading some nonsense advertising (worse than this, but it’s worth it, I promise) to pick up the G-Code for free.

What is the G-Code? It’s one mind-bending, life-changing, super-condensed 100-page guide on fitness, diet and training regimes for footballers of all levels. It masquerades as a book for goalkeepers (and is quite good at what it pretends to do), but the best use I’ve personally gotten out of it is how easily the training advice can be applied by an amateur footballer for his personal fitness routine.

Go over to Keeper Skool and pick your copy of the G-Code right now.

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