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Rafa is unwise | Manchester United right to investigate Liverpool



Before discerning fans comment on the usage of ‘Liverpool’ instead of Rafa Benitez, I want to remind them that in this case (as in most other cases) the manager represents the club and therefore Rafa’s actions and statements represent Liverpool. Feel free to disagree, but at least keep this in mind while arguing about it.

First it was the Premier League ruling in favor of Manchester United and not in Liverpool’s favor, which caused Rafa Benitez to seek conspiracy theories everywhere, including cribbing about fixtures and the apparent ‘ease’ with which Manchester United were able to sign Tevez.

Ummm, excuse me? I distinctly remember the Tevez episode as being one of the most nerve-wracking transfers in recent memory. With Javier Mascherano West Ham and MSI were both happy to have him move, so at the very least Liverpool only had to work with MSI in creating the right agreement.

In Manchester United’s case, the whole Tevez-West Ham-Sheffield United saga was in full flow at the time and West Ham were adamant not to ‘give’ the player away AND the Premier League were pushing to add more legal loopholes as well.


“I want to ask the Premier League why it was so difficult for Liverpool to sign Javier Mascherano, when we had to wait a long time for the paperwork, but it was so easy for Carlos Tevez to join Manchester United.”

I think Rafa’s being childish and it has a lot to do with that Styles decision and not much else. He’s on edge, and has said some things in anger that he hasn’t thought out and is definitely wrong about, and now the excessive media coverage is going to make him look bad (and subsequently, make Liverpool look bad).

Rafa’s a great tactician and one of the few who can hold their own in mind games against the likes of Jose Mourinho, but even Mourinho has been beaten by Ferguson and at the end of the day, SAF is the most experienced manager at this sort of stuff. Rafa is unwise to go into this without a clear head, and he’s only going to come out looking second best.

Good thing for Liverpool that they’re ahead in the league, eh?

Manchester United to investigate Liverpool’s rule in Heinze saga

From the start, Manchester United have been surprised at Heinze’s insistence to join Liverpool when there were other options available to him. Heinze said that he took the matter to arbitration more to prove his point that he should be free to decide his own destiny but Ferguson believes that Liverpool talked to him directly without going through Manchester United and the amount of help they provided him gives United enough reasons to want to at least investigate Liverpool’s role in the whole case.

Pool could come out clean, and they probably will, but what I can’t understand is why Liverpool pushed Heinze to go so far in a case that wasn’t theirs to win from the start? If it was a strategy to drive Heinze away from United it worked great but it has only served to make an enemy out of Sir Alex Ferguson and that is most unwise.