Pulling a Rivaldo?

In the spirit of fair play, we present our submission to footballing lexicon:

Pulling a Rivaldo – as used in this sentence: “And who would have thunk it? Henry has pulled a rivaldo and won his team a free kick in a dangerous position…”

Pulling a Rivaldo (verb): To crumple to the ground in a heap while clutching your face, to do this when the ball or another player has touched you without any threatening force in your arm, leg or chest, and then follow it up by staying on the floor and waiting for the referee to stop play and then book the opposition player. Synonymous with feigning injury, gamesmanship, simulation, diving.

History of this term, in case you don’t know:

Rivaldo went down clutching his face when a bouncing ball hit his chest as he bent down near the corner flag. Brazil were playing Turkey, and Rivaldo’s antics got the opposition player sent off.

Henry’s dive today didn’t get Puyol sent off, but he won the free kick that lead to France’s second goal in the 83rd minute. Nice going mate. I love Henry, but having seen being painted as a saint for all these years (especially after the Arsenal – Barcelona Champions League final), it’s nice to have the world see that he’s also human.

This submission comes on the heels of the earlier entry today – Are you going Lampard on us?

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