Premier League officials to lobby with FIFA for video replays to help refs

The English Premier League will present a paper to FIFA in January 2007 recommending the use of video replays to decide goalline incidents as well as penalties and other critical incidents on the pitch.

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I’m surprised that the Premier League has decided to take action, but I’m also glad that they’ve done something pro-active, even if they are bound by FIFA’s rules.

The refs need help. The refs know it, the managers know it, the fans know it, the players know it. Now, the Premier League officials know it as well.

Dan Johnson – Premier League’s spokesman:

“Ultimately, it’s a Fifa decision, but what we are doing is putting together a paper which will go in front of the International Football Board [within Fifa] in January and that will be backing the use of video technology for goalline incidents. What we have said in addition to that is this leads to a debate where the game as a whole should consider where else it might be appropriate for video technology to be used.”

What will FIFA do? What will Sepp Blatter do, considering he’s reported to be against the introduction of video technology and could end up deciding the fate of this move?

But regardless, credit where credit is due. We’ve waited for a long time, but to see the PL actually take a step to make football less about the errors and more about the game itself is heart-warming.

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