Premier League dream team = ENGLAND national team, yet you BOO!

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The current group of players who wear the England shirt are the proportion of the premier League dream team. The likes of Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney, Ferdinand and John Terry would be welcome in any squad in Europe. Before you click away thinking I am about to rant about how bad these players are for not performing in an English shirt, I am strongly backing the individuals.

The ‘superstars’ have taken a bashing from just about every media outlet and from this website as well looking at previous blogs. I am not attempting to engage in an argument with fellow writers, but I believe calling the players lazy and uninterested millionaires is highly inaccurate. Everybody on this website follows or supports a team and a good amount of people support someone at club level who will pull on the English shirt on Wednesday night.

When members of the team mention they are proud to where the shirt, I think they are telling the truth. The next question you will now ask is, ‘Why can’t they play well?’ A Sunday football team meets up more often then these individual players, yet they are expected to be as good as they are on club level. I am a season ticket holder at a Premiership club and have seen first hand how some of these players do brilliantly when they are working with stars they see and work with every day of the week.

Perhaps the problem isn’t what’s happening on the pitch, it could be off it. I am addressing those fans who have booed Lampard, Crouch and Ashley Cole most recently just to mention a few. A human being makes a genuine and rare mistake and gets booed by his own fans for the rest of the game… When was the last time the Kop end at Anfield booed one of there own players? Players such as Risse who scored an own goal in a European semi final have been supported from the moment the ball hit the net. (And no, that Premiership side I follow is not Liverpool)

Congratulations to Rio Ferdinand for supporting Cole and condemning the fans that have paid to support the team yet boo them. This is the best set of England players that the nation has had for a while now with names that are known around Europe. They now have a manager who knows what he is doing. This is until a couple of results go the wrong way and the nation decides to make Mr. Cappello, ‘an embarrassment to the England team’ by slating him.

Here are a couple of recommendations that should help more then any argument swaying statistics:

– STOP booing players when they make a mistake (even if they play for Chelsea)
– STOP booing those who are trying to find there feet in the team
– IF you want a goal after twenty minutes, DONT boo the team because they haven’t got it
– SUPPORT Lampard and Gerrard when they play together (even if you don’t like it)
– IF they are playing bad don’t start calling them spoilt millionaires who don’t care about England

This is not directed at anyone on this website, but to those who attend England games. I think Gerrard had a bad game on Saturday, which not only proves I don’t support Liverpool but shows that I can see that players don’t play up to the standards for England. I like to read comments and peoples thoughts, but please don’t inform me of England’s poor form as I know. All I am saying is that we should support the team in times of troubles…NOT BOO THEM!

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