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Premier League All-Stars Game – Good or Bad?



With the MLS All Stars game against West Ham playing out today, the inevitable question posed to West Ham players was whether they thought a Premier League All-Stars game would be a good idea or not.

Dean Ashton, standup lad and all-round diplomat, said yes, it was a great concept – he couldn’t really say no considering that he’s about to play an All-Stars game and you can’t tell people (to their faces at least) that what you’re doing isn’t good enough for us. To his credit, he added that something like this ‘actually happening’ was an entirely different matter.

But that’s a diplomatic answer – the question still remains, would a Premier League All-Stars game – say, against a top European club or against another All-Stars team from Spain – be a good idea?

Personally I think it would be great entertainment and good for the exposure of the leagues/clubs involved. Having said that, there are significant logistical problems, namely fixture congestion, approval from FIFA (who are already against the EPL after Game 39) and public opinion that’s sharply against the EPL and would be opposed to such a move – which is obviously done for money and not for the development of the game.

Of course if the proceeds all went to charity and were invested equally in grassroots football for the two countries involved, then it might have some value.

What do you guys think?