Pick 3 winners out of 5: Tottenham, Bolton, Everton, Portsmouth & Reading

Dog Fight

There are 2-3 games left to go in the Premiership, and 4 points separate the 5 teams most likely to get into Europe.

Let’s take a close look at the 3 winners, and 2 losers, in this race for Europe.

Race for Europe

There is of course, the path of the Inter-Toto cup to take. I’ll add information on that as it comes through, but for now the easiest, and most direct, way of getting to Europe is by finishing 5th to 7th.

Winner #1: Tottenham

They’re in 8th place but have 3 games to go, 3 winnable games. Tottenham can, and should, beat Charlton away, and after that they have Blackburn and Manchester City at White Hart Lane. Quite a good chance of getting to Europe in style.

Expected Points: 62
Expected Position: 5th

Winner #2: Bolton

They will be dealing with the loss of Sam Allardyce and will in all likelihood stumble at West Ham, but Bolton have enough quality to beat Aston Villa on the final day of the season, and that should be enough to take them to Europe.

A lot of it depends on Everton and Portsmouth losing, and as you’ll see, that’s quite possible.

Expected Points: 58
Expected Position: 6th

Winner #3: Everton

Everton play Portsmouth at home before traveling to Stamford Bridge for their final game of the season. Assuming that Chelsea will go full out and beat Everton to give themselves a chance against United, Everton have the Portsmouth game to win to secure European football.

The wobble against United aside, Everton have the mental strength to pull through. It’s cruel on Portsmouth, but they’ve had an excellent season and besides, they could get in through the Inter-Toto cup.

Expected Points: 57
Expected Position: 7th

Loser #1: Reading

A fairy-tale season for Reading – Steve Coppell has put together a very ‘effective’ side and the next game (Watford) should be a formality for them. Win that and even if they lose to Blackburn, they will still end up on 57 points, and 8th in the Premiership.

From what I’ve heard, Reading isn’t interested in the Inter-Toto Cup, so that spot would go to the next ranked team.

Expected Points: 57
Expected Position: 8th

Loser #2: Portsmouth

Portsmouth have done well, but with an away game to Everton and a home game to Arsenal their chance to crack Europe this season could be up.

I’m picking Everton to beat them and at best, Portsmouth to get a home draw against Arsenal. That gives them 54 points and 9th place. Not good enough for Europe, but maybe they can make the Inter-Toto.

Expected Points: 54
Expected Position: 9th

Pick your 3 winners

In the comments below, please tell me who you think will make it to Europe and won’t. Here are the final 2-3 fixtures for each side:


Charlton vs Tottenham
Tottenham vs Blackburn
Tottenham vs Manchester City


West Ham vs Bolton
Bolton vs Aston Villa


Everton vs Portsmouth
Chelsea vs Everton


Everton vs Portsmouth
Portsmouth vs Arsenal


Reading vs Watford
Blackburn vs Reading

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