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Pelé Sports – Special Edition Tee – Pele 70



Today is the birthday of footballing legend Pelé, an inspiration to many, and definitely an inspiration for me. To celebrate his birthday, his brand, Pelé Sports, have launched a special edition tee for the occasion.

The creator of the design, Fernando Chamarelli, is a Brazilian graphic designer, illustrator and visual artist. Merging the influences of street art, tattooing, geometric and organic forms with the symbols, legends and customs of ancient and modern civilizations, Fernando’s captivating work reflects the diversity of Brazilian culture – exemplified in his portrait of the youthful Pelé that conveys his timeless and universal appeal.

Here’s the shirt:

Pele Sports Special Edition Tee
Pele Sports Special Edition Tee

Here’s a little bit from the official press release:

“To celebrate Pelés 70th birthday, Pelé Sports is proud to present an exclusive, very special edition t-shirt. He came from the streets to give the game flair, beauty and joy. He moved like a dream, with the ball and the world at his feet. Pelé, O Rei, the humble kid who embodied the fun of football and became the finest player that ever lived.

“To celebrate the great man’s 70th birthday, Pelé Sports is proud to present this exclusive, very special edition t-shirt. It pays tribute to the legend and evokes the vibrancy, passion and charisma of both the player and his homeland.”

Pele 70 Anniversary Shirt
Pele 70 Anniversary Shirt

I think the design is brilliant, it’s a shame it’s just a limited edition and doesn’t go on regular sale. I’d buy one with that design on it. It was a very good choice of designer, and you can definitely see the Brazilian influence in the whole design.

To get more info about this shirt and how you can get it, you have two options:

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What do you think about it?