Partizan Belgrade 2007/2008 Home Kit

Partizan Belgrade’s new home strip is now out and is an alright looking strip, the stripes are not too thick nor weak thin looking ones.

The VW logo is too large and circle sponsor logos are certainly not the best looking on a football kit but it is Volkswagen and they do and only will ever have that logo. The Kappa logo is in a “creative” spot by being placed near the nice neat looking collar, but maybe should be a bit lower.

The only real criticism is the big Kappa logos on the shoulders as seen in the Bremen and Feyenoord strips, it clearly looks way too over the top and looks like it should have been on a riders back during the Tour De France. I suppose sponsors are really after big eye-grabbing logos in weird places to sell you the shirt.

Overall, Partizan Belgrade have a very nice looking kit for 07/08 and the logos do not look half bad, except the Kappa huge logos on the shoulders. The collar is very neat and plain looking but perhaps keeps the shirt looking plain as well. A great kit for a not too great side and should look nice in the Champions League.

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