Owen should delay Newcastle return

News that Michael Owen is working to return to football as quickly as possible should not just worry Newcastle United fans, it should drive them to start a letter-writing campaign imploring the England star to take as long as it is necessary to recuperate.

Newcastle have had a torrid history with injuries, and unfortunately Owen has been plagued by injuries as well since he’s joined the Magpies.

Yes, it’s good news that he’s trying to regain his old pace by working with a special trainer. Yes, it’s good news if he can come back to the England and Newcastle squads – both need him dearly.

But it’s not worth having a repeat of last year, when Michael Owen was rushed back, clearly unfit and got injured again, putting him out for another season.

Bravado is part of greatness, but it doesn’t count for diddley squat if you get injured again and again.

Hopefully the Newcastle United management see the sense in holding Owen back till next season and even then easing him into the game instead of rushing him to playing games again. As long as he can get back to full fitness and get some his old pace back, it doesn’t really matter how long it takes.

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