Owen Hargreaves Claims Manchester United Contact

Be still, my beating heart…

Owen Hargreaves, while talking to German magazine Sport Bild, has said that the offer from Manchester United is “fantastic”.

More quotes:

“Particularly as an England international, it is of interest and you never know if such an opportunity will arise again.”

“Now is the time to take the next step to develop even further.”

Rob Smyth (Guardian) has talked about a transfer fee of 17 mil pounds (25 mil euros). Despite his excellent performances at the World Cup a majority of football fans have never warmed to Hargreaves. Regardless, he is a damned fine player and will be a critical component for Manchester United if we are to challenge for the Premiership title.

Is Hargreaves really coming to Manchester United? Considering that the player has already spoken, I have a feeling that negotiations are already in an advanced stage and that Manchester United are willing to splash serious cash on a player Sir Alex feels will complete the midfield.

The player is contracted to Bayern Munich till 2010, and they will be tested here, particularly as they don’t want to lose another midfielder after Ballack, but the money should offset the loss plus if Hargreaves wants to come to Manchester United, it won’t be beneficial to Bayern to force him to stay (to convince him would be something different though).

Owen Hargreaves

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Update: Bayern have said that they have no intentions of selling Hargreaves. I’m sure that Hargreaves is not ‘unhappy’ at Bayern, so any move to Manchester United will depend on how far he is willing to push his club to let him go, how much United are willing to pay and how quickly and easily Bayern can replace Hargreaves and Ballack.

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