Online Football Manager – Preview

As football fans we follow our club(s) very closely and it’s a natural consequence that we have strong opinions about how things should be done – tactics, transfers, formations, etc.

It’s easy to pit your skills against the computer in games like Fifa 07, Pro Evolution Soccer or Football Manager, but the real test comes when you have to put your money where your mouth is and go up against real people managing clubs just like you.

Short of the real thing (boy would it be good to be manage a club for real or what?), the best thing I’ve found so far is Online Football Manager.

I’m going to test OFM out over the next couple of weeks and bring you more updates. From what I’ve seen in my early testing, it is impressive and addictive.

If anyone is already a user I’d be really interested in hearing their comments on OFM.

And if you haven’t so far, make sure you give OFM a spin.

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