Obi Mikel to Chelsea for 16, Man Utd get 12

Manchester United get 12 million pounds for Obi Mikel, as part of a deal in which Chelsea will be shelling out a total of 16 million pounds for the Nigerian midfielder.

The rest of the money goes to Lyn Oslo, Mikel’s old club. United have terminated original “option agreement” on the kid signed last April.

We’ve talked about Mikel here before, but what really interests me now is this:

1) When will Manchester United actually receive payment? The official statements claim that the player’s registration from Lyn Oslo to Chelsea will now happen “as soon as possible” – most likely after the World Cup.

2) What will Ferguson do with the money? Despite his bustups with big stars and his occasional strange decisions Ferguson does know talent when he sees it and his pursuit of Diarra and Ribery suggests that finally the man has decided to beef up the midfield. If right now, we don’t sell Nistelrooy, Jonathan Spector returns from injury (to cover for Neville at right-back) and Ferguson brings in at least two new midfielders, we are definitely strong enough to cut down on the lead Chelsea have built.

Still waiting for Fergie to make a move.

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