No opposition, open goal – how long would Arsenal take to score?

Everyone has special places where they get their brightest ideas – in the shower, on the crapper, while walking, or maybe while they’re trying to sleep.

So while I was … in one of my special places … I had a thought:

If there was no opposition team member on the pitch except the goal keeper, how long would it take Arsenal to score a goal?

Would they adapt to the situation and play a long ball from defence to attack to cover distance quickly? Would they flood the box and float in a cross?

Would Arsenal have players running in the box and shooting at the keeper because they had a clear shot?

Or would Arsenal pass the ball around, play one-twos outside the box, pass it around inside the box and try to get the keeper to yawn from boredom before shooting at an empty goal and missing it completely?

I dunno, you tell me 🙂

It’s interesting to take this scenario and then apply it to other clubs – how would Chelsea or Manchester United play this?

Be honest, and the answer will surprise you. Because if you honestly believe that Arsenal would play ‘direct’ football because they have the opportunity to do so, then tell me why they haven’t so far. Not for a lack of opportunity, surely.

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