NFT Games Saw $1.73B Worth of Investments in 2022, 3x More than Last Year


Non-fungible tokens have been swept up in the 2022 crypto crash, with both NFT collections and NFT tokens plunging in value. Nevertheless, the investment made in the NFT gaming segment continued rising.

According to data presented by Sports Lens, NFT games saw $1.73bn worth of investments in 2022 or three times more than last year.

NFT Games Saw 56% more Investments than NFT Marketplaces

Bringing NFTs into gaming caused controversies in the gaming industry. One part of the gaming community thought the entire “play to earn” concept, based on the idea that unique digital items can increase in value over time and be sold off later for a profit, is terrible for gaming overall. Steam even banned blockchain and NFT-based games from its platform. Then again, its rival Epic Games and other major players like Ubisoft embraced the idea.

According to Statista and Pitchbook survey, which analyzed the 50 biggest investments made in NFT projects, NFT games saw $1.73bn of investments between September 2021 and September 2022, a significant increase from $573 million in the year-ago period. Although this represents a 202% increase year-over-year, NFT games were not the fastest-growing segment.

Statistics show investments into NFT marketplaces surged by 227% YoY to over $1.1bn. Still, that was much less than the investment growth seen in the NFT technology projects, which skyrocketed by 1,750% YoY to $855 million.

Nevertheless, NFT games undoubtedly lead in the total value of investments. Statistics show NFT games saw 56% more investments than NFT marketplaces and more than double the value invested in NFT technology projects.

Top Three Titles Hit Over 1.5 Million Monthly Users

According to Dapp Radar data, the NFT metaverse Alien Worlds remains the most popular title in the NFT gaming world, with over 690,000 active monthly players, more than Splinterlands and Trickshot Blitz combined.

Benji Bananas ranked as the second most popular title, with over 492,000 users, and Splinterlands follows with around 320,000, respectively. Trickshot Blitz and Upland round the top five list, with 309,000 and 149,000 users, respectively.

Inspired by Nintendo’s Pokemon series, the monster-battling game Axie Infinity saw a huge user base drop after it became a national topic in the Philippines in August 2021, claiming that blockchain games are the main driver behind NFTs.

Last year, the NFT game had over 600,000 active monthly players. Now, that number stands around 122,000, ranking as the sixth most-played title.

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