NFL Fans Debate The Most Elite Super Bowl Foods Ahead Of Eagles Vs Chiefs Clash

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NFL fans on Twitter have been debating which Super Bowl foods can be classed as ‘elite’ ahead of the clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles this Sunday night. Super Bowl snacking a is a big tradition among NFL fans in America and the debate hotted up as the season reaches its climax in Arizona.

NFL fans take to social media to argue over favourite Super Bowl snacks

The build up to Super Bowl 2023 is reaching fever pitch and not just in terms of the action on the field. While the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs are gearing up to go head-to-head in Arizona for the Vince Lombardi trophy, NFL fans across the world are facing off in a debate regarding what snacks they will chow down on during the season finale.

Chilli dogs, corn dogs, sliders, pizza, pulled pork burgers, giant subs, deviled eggs are all classic choices when it comes to snacking during the Super Bowl but what is America’s top choice?

McNeil, who claims to be ‘America’s least popular sports commentator’ in his Twitter bio @ReFlog18 sparked the debate by simply tweeting: “What is the most elite Super Bowl food?”

We Americans are a passionate bunch when it comes to opinions on food, so as expected the replies came swiftly rolling in and the discussion heated up.

“Devils on horseback,” stated one follower which seemed to confuse McNeil, who replied with a confused gif stating ‘WHAT?’.

Devils on horseback are a hot appetizer or small savoury dish of dried fruit stuffed with such ingredients as cheese or nuts, wrapped in bacon, prosciutto or pancetta.

The traditional form of the dish is made with a pitted prune and bacon, but dates are also used, usually steeped in brandy or some other liqueur.

Now you know!

“I dump chili, cheese, onions, and Frank’s Red Hot sauce on a Fritos and Pringles Wavy. Then feel hungover 20 minutes later and until about Tuesday. Well worth it,” responded NBA writer Sam Amico.

“The answer is always wings,” responded one adamant football fan. “Wings…hands down!” agreed Victor Nelson.

“The answer is always nachos. Universal understanding of base layer and unlimited topping options,” claimed another hungry football fan.

Another reply contested the claim and put forward their own spicier suggestion: “Jalapeño poppers.”

White Smoke BBQ Texas put their professional opinion into the mix with an entire recipe: “Beer Cheese dip with Smoked Sausage & Chili Peppers.” We have to admit that sounds like a winner to us!

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