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Newcastle Should Not Buy Gravesen



Seriously now, why would Newcastle United want a bossy, slightly deranged, ageing midfielder in their squad?

Gravesen’s claim to fame is that he was surprisingly bought by Real Madrid who thought that bringing in an unglamourous, tough midfielder into the squad would deflect criticism and bring some steel to the side.

Like most of Real Madrid’s signings in the last three years, Gravesen was a mistake, and Baptista’s signing in the summer proved as much. Gravesen was reduced to 7 starts for the 2005/2006 season, and he has failed to settle into the squad or in the culture.

And now, after being told that he is surplus to requirements at Real Madrid, the Dane is looking for a club in the Premiership, with Newcastle rumoured to be in the front of the queue. Truth be told, they would be better served going for a younger player with more experience in the Premiership – say, Darren Fletcher or Liam Miller 🙂

I’m not joking either. Fletcher and Miller may be absolutely rubbish, but they would be better bets compared to Gravesen. Of course, it comes down to what Newcastle United consider as quality, and now the question is whether Newcastle and Roeder can build on their success of signing Duff cheaply.