New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Odds Improve After Signing Derek Carr

derek carr saints
derek carr saints

The NFL world was abuzz on Monday when it was announced that Derek Carr, the four-time Pro Bowler and former Raiders quarterback, was heading to the New Orleans Saints. Carr will take over from Andy Dalton or Jameis Winston, which means Taysom Hill can stay as the versatile Swiss Army knife he’s become known for. This move has also affected the Saints’ Super Bowl odds.

Carr Increases Saints’ Super Bowl Chances According to Sportsbooks

Derek Carr’s move to the New Orleans Saints increases the Saints’ odds of winning the Super Bowl according to top US sportsbooks. According to BetOnline, the Saints are now at +2500, whereas they were at +4000 before the QB move.

To put this in perspective, the change in odds is equivalent to a 2.44% increase in the Saints’ chances of winning the Super Bowl. This may not seem like much, but in the competitive world of the NFL, every percentage point matters. In terms of the NFC Championship, the Saints’ odds have moved from +2000 to +1400, which is a 3.85% increase in probability.

There were a number of factors that contributed to Carr’s departure from the Raiders. However, the main reason was that the quarterback wasn’t living up to the contract he had signed. During his last year with the Raiders, he recorded his lowest yards per attempt and completion percentage, while also having his highest interception rate. Furthermore, his EPA was also the lowest it has ever been.

However, he is determined to bring victory to his new team and aid in their quest for a Super Bowl championship. For the Saints, Carr’s signing injects more talent into a position that has been somewhat uncertain in the past.

With the versatile Hill available and Carr now in the mix, the Saints have diversified options at quarterback that they have been yearning for. This influx of talent, paired with their already talented roster, has caused a change in their Super Bowl and NFC Championship odds.

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