NBA Odds: One Bettor Could Win $10.3 Million On Sacramento Kings

rsz 230324163236 sac kings celebrate 022423
rsz 230324163236 sac kings celebrate 022423

The official NBA playoffs begin this Saturday, and the Milwaukee Bucks are the odds-on favorites to win the title this year. But there are a couple of teams that the sports books will be rooting hard against over the next couple of months.

The Sacramento Kings have been one of the best stories in the league this season, as they enjoyed an 18-game turnaround from last season and have qualified for the playoffs for the first time in 17 years. Their sudden change in success was one that few people saw coming, except perhaps for one bettor in Las Vegas last summer.

NBA Bettor Took Kings To Win Championship At 750-1

The Kings had just finished a 30-win season, their 16th losing season in a row. But someone out there figured that they were ripe for the taking. The unknown bettor walked into the Tropicana Casino on July 12th of 2022, and placed a $10,000 bet on Sacramento to win the 2023 NBA Championship. The odds were set at 750-1 at the time.

The same bettor laid down more action on the Kings, putting another $8,000 on the team to win the title, this time at 350-1 odds.

There is very little chance that it ends up being the Sacramento Kings that comes out of the bunch of 16 teams as the best one. But they have already defied some serious odds to get to this point. At the start of the season, their odds of winning the pacific division sat at 250-1. Their division crown made them the biggest division underdog to be named the champs in North American sports since at least 2010.

Should the Kings defy all of the odds placed against them, that lucky bettor in Nevada would come out with a cool $10.3 million pay day.

Lakers Also A Liability For The Sportsbooks

The sportsbooks are apparently wary of the situation. They are calling it a liability, but they have what they believe is a more realistic scenario to worry about.

As it stands on the eve of the playoffs, the Los Angeles Lakers are +1200 to win the NBA championship, or 7th best of any team. But there were times during the season when the Lakers’ odds skyrocketed, and people who placed wagers when LeBron and company were at their lowest could be on the verge of big payouts. At one point in November, Los Angeles was all the way down to 125-1. They are now 12-1.

The Kings will take on the Warriors this Saturday in Sacramento, while the Lakers will travel to Memphis to begin their series with the Grizzlies on Sunday.

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