Nani’s Wonder Goal, and it WAS NOT handball

We’ve been waiting for this one for quite a while, and what a cracker this was.

I’m not surprised at the fact that Paul Robinson was caught so far off his line that could easily float (whack rather) it over him, but what did impress me was Nani’s awareness – he picks up the ball, turns around and looks up, sees Robbo and immediately let’s it rip.

Few players have that sort of confidence and while we’ve been critical of his mistakes so far this season (and this one goal doesn’t mean he’s cured of them), he has shown so far that he has the potential to be another great winger and today’s goal shows again that he’s got a good future ahead of him.

Nani’s goal video

The most controversial incident of the game was the ‘block’ by Wes Brown that Tottenham players claimed was a penalty.

I’d advise you to download the clip here and see it for yourself again before you go by anyone else’s opinion. Brown throws himself to the ground in the path of the ball and it touches his side, not his chest and not the upper part of his arm (as some people have suggested).

It’s a very tough decision to give for the referee (even for someone that was so close to the incident) and not only was there enough doubt when it happened in real time for the ref not to give it, it was quite clearly not a handball when you see it on the replay.

Fergie’s comment summed it up well – the way the Spurs players went up for it, everyone in the stadium, even United players, would have thought that it was a penalty. It wasn’t though, so that’s that.

Tough game for both sides but well done to Tottenham for fighting hard and I suppose this could have easily been a draw or a 1-1 score. It still wasn’t a penalty though.

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