Nani, Bale, Tottenham and Manchester United

I’ve said this before, but it is worth repeating – Tottenham have brought in an excellent talent in Gareth Bale, and they’ve got him at the right price as well.

Now the rumour-mill has gone into overdrive with papers suggesting that Nani is also headed towards White Hart Lane, with the Spurs set to pull off another transfer coup.

Let’s look at this rationally, shall we?

One, I don’t understand why Manchester United didn’t move for Bale. My only guess is that United would not have given him regular football, at least in the first season and that put off any pre-contractual talks.

Is Bale better than Evra? There’s a good chance he is as good, and at 17, he’s bound to keep improving (he’ll be 18 by August, I think).

5m for a left-back, when you already have 3 others, may be considered too Chelsea-esque but in my view 2 of our 3 left-backs (Evra and Silvestre) should be sold this summer and if you keep that in mind then bringing in Bale would have been a very good idea.

I sure as hell hope that in the long-run Ferguson got this one right, because United definitely should have acquired Bale.

Two, I don’t see how the Bale / Nani situations are related, and why the media are spinning them as such. It makes little sense for Nani to leave a club with Champions league opportunities and go play for a club that only has an outside chance of playing in the Champions League – it’s a demotion, and once again if you go by the player’s comments then Nani to Tottenham seems unlikely.

However, Manchester United may not have Nani at the top winger on their list. And with the new ‘contract’ still unconfirmed, there’s enough evidence to suggest that at the moment the Nani situation is pretty open.

We can speculate and punt all we want, but ultimately it depends on Ferguson – and we’re all waiting for him to make his bloody move.

Transfer season is never fun 🙂

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