My Football Club – nice idea, won’t work

My Football Club is an initiative to “give football back to the fans” by allowing them to buy a football club and become equal owners. Once (if) a club is purchased, you get an equal vote on team selections, transfers and kits / kit sponsors.

Fantastic idea in theory – the mere thought of fans having a voice in running the club makes me giddy – but in practice, it might not work.

At its core the idea relies on the majority of the fans making the right decisions. Perhaps I don’t understand the idea properly (I doubt that many of the people who signed up and pledged their 35 quid do either), but I shudder to think what would happen to Manchester United if the fans were in charge.

No, seriously – think about it. It’s NOT you in charge. It’s thousands of other people in charge as well. A whole community of fans, the majority of which are easily swayed by media propaganda.

As fans, we think with our hearts, not with our heads. We use our emotions, not our heads.

So while I think it’s a fantastic prospect (from a business point of view), it’s not viable as a long-term venture ‘for the club’.

Still, I’m open to correction on this one. What do you guys think?

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