Mourinho officially Inter – can the Special Ones win the Champions League?

Even if Jose Mourinho wins FA in his Inter tenure, one thing is guaranteed – he will raise Chelsea’s Inter’s profile through the press in an astronomical way.

Whether he baits the media and opposition managers and players with the same ‘hate me if you can’ approach or whether he shows us a different side with charm and loving oozing from his pores still remains to be seen, but Mourinho will make Inter more of a global brand thanks to his own notoriety.

This brings us to the reason Mourinho was brought onboard – helping Inter win the Champions League and continue their domestic domination. And of course, the chance of grabbing a few of his old friends from Chelsea.

While Milan may be ‘talking’ about bringing Drogba to Milan, they’re more likely to succeed with Shevchenko (who’s not coming unless his wife says so). Chelsea are talking to Drogba, trying to find a way to get him to commit himself to Chelsea heart and soul, but they don’t have a manager, and whoever they pick, he won’t be Mourinho. There’s still a chance that Drogba will stay but it will depend on a lot of things – Lampard, the new manager, his strike partners next season, whether Mourinho is serious about bringing him over or not, etc etc.

Drogba to Inter? The most likely player to move from Chelsea at this point. Lampard I feel will stay as he’s English through and through, and Carvalho will probably wait to see who the next manager is.

But back to the Special One and his new batch of ‘special ones’. Can they win the Champions League?

I think so, provided that Inter:

don’t meet Rafa’s Liverpool – if there’s one fixture Mourinho would hate, that would be it. If Rafa goes then it’s a different story though.

don’t interfere with Mourinho’s transfers / selection policies – the man needs a free hand to keep the unity in the squad

If the above two work out in Inter’s favor, Mourinho should be able to drag the special ones kicking and screaming to at least the quarters, and after that it’s anyone’s game, and if he gets his players then I’d be back Mourinho over almost everyone else.

Good luck Jose. Hope you have an easier time in Italy. Oh, and go easy on the refs.

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