Most Players At The World Cup

After finding out that Arsenal and Chelsea have 15 players each at the 2006 World Cup you might be fooled into thinking that the clubs are on an equal footing.

You’d be pretty wrong.

The truth is that while Chelsea has spent it’s millions buying up quality players, Arsenal has taken the ‘organic’ route by picking up the ‘low hanging fruit’ in football – unknown talents that have been moulded into potential superstars by Arsene Wenger.

But enough about Wenger, Chelsea and their players. Here is a list of the top 10 clubs (according to the number of players they have at Germany 2006):

Most Players At The World Cup

1) Arsenal (15)

2) Chelsea (15)

3) AC Milan (13)

4) Barcelona (12)

5) Juventus (12)

6) Manchester United (12)

7) Bayern Munich (11)

8) Al Hilal (10)

9) Dynamo Kyiv (10)

10) Liverpool (10)

Several interesting things can be picked up from this list:

  • Clubs in the English Premiership have more foreign players than other leagues
  • The top clubs at the World Cup also have the most goals scored so far – 5 to Arsenal and 4 to Chelsea
  • Real Madrid and Lyon are not in the top 10 (although they are close)

As far as the goal scoring chart for clubs is concerned, here’s a list of the top 6 clubs:

Most Goals Scored By A Club At The 2006 World Cup

1) Arsenal (5)

2) Chelsea (4)

3) AC Milan (3)

4) Atletico Madrid (3)

5) Werder Bremen (3)

6) Manchester United (3)

My stats for the clubs’ goal scoring records are not complete yet, so I may have missed out on some other clubs. If you can add to the above let me know.

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