Moroccan jailed for loving Barcelona more than his King

A Moroccan schoolboy, aged 18, has been jailed for ‘insulting the king’, after replacing the monarch’s name with that of his favourite football club.

He altered the phrase “God, The Nation, The King” on the school blackboard to read “God, The Nation, Barcelona”.

Barcelona are looking to milk the PR angle, saying that they have appointed a lawyer to look into whether they can help the boy, within the framework of Moroccan law.

Here’s the thing – several people in the past have recieved ‘royal pardons’ for criticising or making fun of the King in recent years, in all these cases the authorities applied the letter of the law and upon appeal to the King the ‘culprit’ was pardoned.

Expect the kid to be freed soon with the King joining him for a quick kickabout and maybe send him to watch El Classico later this year…

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