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Mirko Vucinic Roma – SG28



A nice wallpaper of Mirko Vucinic of AS Roma designed by SG28. The only downside to this wallpaper is the small size, it won’t be used by too many people with higher resolutions than 1024×768.

However, the wallpaper looks nice, featuring Mirko in the Roma football shirt. I like the black and white motion background, but the text could use some work. The light coming from the top puts emphasis on the player in a dark background, so kudos to the designer for that.

The resolution is actually 1024×600, but using a black background you can use it for a slightly higher resolution.

To download it or view it in a higher resolution, click the image below:

Vucinic Wallpaper Roma
Vucinic Wallpaper Roma

What do you think about it? Wish there was a bigger version?